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Dandelions In A Rabbit Diet – Do You Need

Every experienced rabbit breeder knows that green fodder is the main component of the rabbit diet in spring and summer. We have previously described the benefits of various green herbs and their percentage in eared feeds. Today we will talk about whether dandelions can be given to rabbits and in what quantities they should be given, and also describe the beneficial and harmful properties of this plant.

What is useful dandelion

If you ask the question “Is it possible to give a dandelion to rabbits?”, Then the answer to it is unequivocal – it is necessary.

Dandelions In A Rabbit Diet - Do You Need

The only places where you will not find this plant are the desert and the arctic latitudes, as well as the high mountains, so finding and preparing this type of food is not difficult.

Considered a medicinal plant. His yellow flowers are harbingers of the arrival of spring. This plant begins to sprout one of the first and it is always very much in the fields, in the forest. Eared love to eat dandelions, especially their leaves. In the spring and summer, this grass is added to the diet of the rabbit fresh. And since early autumn it is harvested for the winter.

Early dandelions are less bitter, and animals eat them more eagerly. Their leaves are very rich in various vitamins, such as A, B, C and D. And they also contain glycosides, carotenoids, terpenoids, potassium, choline and iron – these substances are necessary for the normal growth of young.

Dandelions In A Rabbit Diet - Do You Need

The roots of this herb contain: glycosides, triterpenes, sterols, essential oils, choline, asparagine, inulin. Experienced rabbit breeders claim that the roots of the plant are useful as prevention against coccidiosis. Also, the roots are used in the form of broth as a means of increasing appetite and improving digestion, have a choleretic effect. However, dandelions with flowers, roots and stalks are added to animal feed. It is in the stem and leaves is the largest amount of the above vitamins.

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It is especially useful to feed the rabbit with this plant during lactation. This herb increases the milk production of the mother, and also acts as a diuretic.

Dandelions In A Rabbit Diet - Do You Need

In what quantities and when to give?

Since dandelion belongs to medicinal herbs, it is necessary to add it to the animal’s diet, taking into account certain proportions, as this herb not only benefits the rabbits and enriches their body with vitamins and beneficial substances, but can also harm eared ones with its excess.

In summer, green grass for adult animals should be given in an amount of from 600 to 800 grams, and dandelions in the diet should not be more than 100 grams. This dosage is recommended to be observed because this plant is a strong diuretic, which can lead to various eared diseases. Many dandelions in food can cause cystitis.

Dandelions In A Rabbit Diet - Do You Need

For young animals, the percentage of this feed in the diet should not exceed 30 percent. It is necessary to feed dandelions not only in summer, but also in winter. They are very good to add to the mash for rabbits. This grass must be fed eared every day, both in season (spring and summer) and in winter. They start harvesting it in early fall or late summer. Some breeders grind the dried plant and add it in the form of powder to the mash (up to 50 grams).

To prevent this herb from turning into harmful, it is necessary to observe the above dosage. You also need to properly harvest the grass for the winter period, if they are improperly dried, then mold can appear, which causes various diseases in rabbits.

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Video “Harvesting grass for rabbits”

The video shows and tells how to properly prepare grass for rabbits.

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