Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

A rabbit that lacks nutritious food loses weight, its health deteriorates, and the offspring will appear with weakened immunity and productivity. To facilitate the task of feeding, breeders use feed. It is important to know their properties, which one to prefer and how much by weight one animal eats per day (or in the length of time).

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Rabbits eat compound feed

The main thing in such food is the selection of nutritional components: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin and mineral supplements. In its 100 g contains up to 14 g of protein, compared with 9 g in the same amount of barley and 11 g in wheat.


  • home-produced granulated variety will be cheaper than the purchase option;
  • in case of independent manufacturing, the owner knows the composition and doses the content of the elements depending on the need;
  • with this type of food, the increase in rabbits is faster;
  • personally prepared according to the recipe is eaten fresh, which will help avoid digestive upset in animals;
  • This feeding option makes cleaning and grooming easier, saves time for the breeder;
  • Easy to store and transport.

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Feed can be made by yourself


  • This is a dry food option, and rabbits are not fed only by them (they need hay, juicy vegetables and greens);
  • the majority of ready-made varieties are not suitable for dwarf rabbits due to over-nutritional value (too much protein and fat);
  • granulated fragments are quickly soaked in the mouth and eaten, the teeth with this type of feeding do not grind;
  • creates dust that clogs the respiratory tract of animals;
  • some varieties have sugar that is harmful and addictive;
  • with this type of feeding, the animals will not receive vitamins and minerals, and they have to be given additionally (in the amount of 1% of the mass of the dose);
  • in the finished granulated fragments contain synthetic vitamins (up to 70% of the natural nutrients in the manufacture is destroyed), and secondary plant elements are absent;
  • it will not be possible to stock up on a purchased or home-made option: the shelf life quickly ends, with long-term storage, bacteria are created there that produce toxic substances.

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Rabbits need green fodder


Dry food is divided into three types:

  • full ration;
  • concentrated;
  • nutritional supplements.

Some rabbit breeders believe that when feeding full-fledged ready food, the other components are removed from the diet without compromising the health and productivity of animals. It is only important to give them plenty to drink. However, remember that such food is an industrial product produced by repeated chemical processing. Other breeders believe that the best diet is one in which granulated food is given in reasonable quantities and in combination with succulent food (vegetables, greens).

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Balanced dietary options include:

  • up to 25% vegetable fiber;
  • up to 15% protein;
  • up to 2% fat.

Check the quality of the finished granulated pieces by throwing it into the water. If in a few hours they have increased in size, then it is better not to give their animals.

Pellets should not swell in water.


The rate of feed per day depends on the breed. Medium-sized animals consume better food: they are fertilized by the beginning of the fifth month (and large breeds only by the sixth month). The role played by the coloring: white animals eat less to maintain the same weight.

Determined by the mass of food on the head and the number of cubs (from the birth of a rabbit), and by approaching the okrol.

How much food males require is dependent on the period of feeding (intensive feeding) or dormancy. Increase the nutritional value of food and for females during preparation for mating.

An adult female (weight – up to 5 kg) or a male consume 50 kg of compound feed annually with a mixed diet; for young (up to 4 months) this rate is 15 kg. The average daily rate of granules is 60 g (with additional feeding with vegetables and hay). How much a particular rabbit eats depends on the situation (childbirth, mating, rest, pregnancy). The rate increases to 102 g per day.

Young animals receive no more than 50 g per day. For a pregnant or lactating female, the rate is compiled with an increase in the average portion by one and a half times.

Specially calculate how much to give ready-made food to castrated specimens. Such animals need fiber and less protein (maximum 15%).

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Young individuals cannot be overfed

Decorative rabbits are given no more than a tablespoon of granulated fragments daily. The basic diet consists of succulent fodder and hay.

When the main percentage of food is granules, do not forget to offer dried grass to animals (the norm is up to 15% of the amount of feed). If it is not enough, then increase the dosage of dry food. If stocks are not depleted, then increase the share for repair rabbits to 30% (respectively, while reducing the granular component). When calculating a complete nutrition, keep in mind that when the content in the granules is 40% of the herbal component, their nutritional characteristics per 100 g are up to 90 units. And the same mass of dried grass contains 40 units.

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Independent production

To do the feed yourself at home, you need a device extruder. It is expensive and will not pay off immediately if you buy a new one. A used device is cheaper, but fails faster. Some breeders make their own extruders. When processing in this device, the feed is heated to 90 degrees.

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Feed extruder

The principle of work – the loaded components are crushed. Then they fall asleep in the device, mix and grind. The output is obtained cylinders, the diameter and length of which you adjust yourself. Granules brittle, give them to rabbits in an arbitrary volume.

If you buy an extruder for rabbits, then such an acquisition will pay off faster. Selling young, at the same time you offer customers and feed, to which the young are accustomed.

If your recipes are nutritious and like little animals, the demand for them will grow, and the granules will bring additional profit.

In addition to the extruder, you will need:

  • grain crusher;
  • oil press;
  • dryer and chopper dried grass.

If you do not have an extruder (granulator), then give dry food to pets in the form of a simple mixture. For dwarf animals, use a meat grinder, a mixer or a drill to mix cement. Cook the mixture in a warm room with ventilation and minimum humidity.

When self-manufacturing for nursing krolematok do not forget to add acidophilus in a dry form, which is sold in veterinary pharmacies.

It will prevent and disorders of the digestive tract in calves up to two and a half months, which switch to adult food. If acidophilus is absent, it is replaced with powdered milk.

Sold and ready-mixed feed "PK-90-1" for feeding nursing calves and adult rabbits. How many times a day to give such food depends on the decision of the owner. Feed the animals several times throughout the day in small portions or give the entire dose at a time.

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Grain grinder is necessary for the production of feed

Options for homemade

For the manufacture of granules offers several options for feed mixtures.

Recipe 1 (universal). The raw materials you will need:

  • on one share of corn grain and sunflower cake;
  • one and a half – oats and peas;
  • two each – wheat;
  • three – barley.
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Recipe 2. For the manufacture of full-rate norms per day, take:

  • the proportion of oats (option – barley);
  • two thirds of corn;
  • one third is wheat bran.

Recipe 3. A mixture with the addition of hay (in%):

  • oats (barley) – 10;
  • corn grain – 10;
  • wheat bran – 10;
  • dried alfalfa, clover, stalks of legumes – 40;
  • forbs – 30.

Compound Feed For Rabbit Properties, Composition, Dosage

Hay is an integral part of the rabbit diet

For the variant with hay, take (in%):

  • hay (grass meal) – 35;
  • barley grain – 25;
  • sunflower cake – 20;
  • corn – 15;
  • wheat bran – 5.

Recipe 4. For dwarf rabbits:

  • bran (or oatmeal) – the amount in a liter jar;
  • calcium glycerophosphate – 5 tablets (grind);
  • table salt – half a teaspoon;
  • dry milk – two teaspoons;
  • "Ushastik" (mineral supplement) – one teaspoon;
  • vitamin C – one tablet (grind);
  • "Farmavit" (for rodents) – half a teaspoon.

Recipe 5. In order to increase in meat breeds (in%):

  • grass flour – 40;
  • sunflower meal – 10;
  • green peas – 8;
  • barley grain – 30;
  • wheat bran – 5;
  • molasses paste – 2.5;
  • yeast after hydrolysis – 2;
  • flour (bone) – 1.6;
  • phosphate for feed – 0.6;
  • salt – 0.3.

Sunflower cake allows the rabbit to gain weight

Recipe 5. For nursing krolematok and otkazannogo young (in%):

  • grass flour – 30;
  • barley grain – 19;
  • oat grain – 19;
  • wheat bran – 15;
  • cake – 13;
  • animal flour – 2;
  • yeast – 0.5;
  • bone meal – 1;
  • table salt – 0.5.

Recipe 6. For grown up young (in%):

  • oat or wheat grain – 40;
  • barley, corn grain – 45;
  • cake – 8;
  • flour of animal origin – 6;
  • chalk – 0.5;
  • salt – 0,5.

How much and what components will be included depends on the time of year. In winter, use the option with hay (grass meal), in spring and summer, place freshly cut freshly cut grass.

Freshly dried grass is a good summer supplement to animal feed.

Additional Information

Combined dry food is convenient and gives a quick increase in animals. However, remember that the diet is not made up only of such food. For health and development, the animals need to be fed raw vegetables, herbs, haystacks, fresh branches.

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