Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Carrot Tops Can Be Given To Rabbits And How To Feed Their Pets Properly

Rabbit’s favorite treat is carrots. This root crop is used as a first eared feeding. But not only the underground part of the vegetable is edible – it is also possible to give carrots to rabbits. How it is useful, and how to enter it into the diet of pets, tell this article.

Carrots – a favorite treat for rabbits

The composition of carrot tops

Elevated part of the root – a source of nutrients for rabbits. It contains vitamins:

Attention! Carrot tops contain almost 17% protein.

Rabbits need vitamin supplements, because their immune systems are extremely vulnerable. The use of carrot tops helps to improve digestion, strengthen the nervous system, cleanse the body of toxic substances. In the aerial part of the root contains microelements:

Such a rich vitamin and mineral composition speaks in favor of the presence of carrot tops in the rabbit diet. But this does not mean that you can offer it to animals in unlimited quantities.

Feeding rules

Despite the usefulness of the green part of the culture, it is impossible to give it to rabbits in large portions. It contains organic acids – nicotinic, pantothenic, oxalic, and essential oils that can trigger digestive upset.

Preparation of haulm for rabbit

Enter into the diet of rabbits above-ground part of the root should be gradually. Krolchaty until the age of two months it does not offer, because their digestive system is too sensitive. After weaning from the mother, the young can be given greens in small portions, mixing with other herbs – plantain, dandelion, burdock, nettle.

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Attention! A portion of the tops for the young is 25-30 g. Adults can offer 50-60 g of greenery. If no negative effects in the form of diarrhea are observed, it is then allowed to slightly increase the volume of servings.

Grass and tops are given to rabbits in pure form. First, it is washed with water from dust, and then placed in the air under a canopy. Dried greens contain less essential oils and acids, which means it is better absorbed and does not cause problems with digestion. Greens are never collected or distributed to pets at dawn, when there is dew on the leaves. Eating wet grass provokes fermentation in the intestines. For the same reason, rodents are not fed grass after rain.

Carrot tops harvested for the winter, including in the composition of hay. The harvested greens are dried in the shade for several days, spread out in a thin layer on a clean cloth or paper. The blanks are stored in paper or canvas bags in a well-ventilated area.

Attention! Poor drying of vegetable raw materials and storing it in plastic bags is unacceptable. Molds in the grass can form, leading to poisoning.

Carrot Tops Can Be Given To Rabbits And How To Feed Their Pets Properly

Carrot tops can be given to rabbits from two months on, including in herbal mixtures. The elevated part of the plant contains protein, vitamins and trace elements necessary to maintain the health of pets. These herbs are not offered in large portions in order not to provoke intestinal upset.

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