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Can Rabbits Watermelon Peel

The health and full growth of rabbits directly depends on the quality and variety of their food. They need a large amount of vitamins and microelements. The end of summer and autumn are rich in the harvest of melon crops. And the breeders have a reasonable question, whether it is possible to include in the diet of their pets watermelon peels, a large number of which is typical for this period.

Do rabbits give watermelon peels?

Watermelons are a favorite treat of rabbits. They eat this berry with great pleasure. But caring owners may wonder whether it is possible to give the rabbit skins from watermelon. And with confidence we can answer that not only can, but also need to treat them with this delicacy.

After all, the crusts contain the maximum amount of useful substances and trace elements. After including them in the diet, animals are much less likely to get sick, they noticeably gain weight. You can see the beneficial effect of watermelon peels and on the external signs, the animal’s skin becomes softer and more brilliant.

In addition, due to the high water content of watermelon, it is an excellent diuretic and actively removes harmful substances from the body of the animal. It is easily digested, has a laxative effect, thereby normalizing digestion and preventing constipation. Enriches with necessary useful substances, such as, vitamins B and E, ascorbic acid and carotene.

It is worth noting that wild rabbits often visit watermelon fields and gnaw on these berries with pleasure. That also testifies in favor of using them and pets.

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In addition to watermelon, it is good to give rabbits and melon peels. They also have a beneficial effect on animal health and have a high content of vitamins and elements such as silicon, potassium, magnesium and iron. But, as in everything, it is also necessary to observe the measure and not to overdo it with the number of melon crops in the rabbit’s diet. Since this is fraught with adverse consequences.

Can Rabbits Watermelon Peel

How to feed a rabbit watermelon?

First of all, it should be noted that it is the watermelon rinds that are useful for rabbits. Pulp berries can cause bloating. In addition, the pulp has a very high water content and when it is eaten, it is inevitable that the animal’s face becomes wet. But it will be not only wet, but also sweet. What attracts flies and other insects, as well as sticking dirt, which is absolutely contraindicated for rabbits, as the basis of their health is cleanliness.

How to prepare a watermelon for feeding the rabbit:

  1. Well wash the berries. Wash watermelon must be clean boiled water. Also be sure to monitor the freshness and quality of the product. You can not give the rabbits acidified or not the first freshness of the fruit. They will not only benefit the animals, but can also cause severe indigestion and lead to their death.
  2. Cut off the crust. The watermelon crust needs to be cut so that a small amount of pulp remains on it, no more than two centimeters. This will provide even more vitamins, but will not cause any harm to the health of the rabbit.
  3. Peel the peel. Dirt may remain on the peel, which will immediately make itself felt after being ingested by a rabbit. Also it is in the peel accumulate harmful chemicals that adversely affect the health of animals.
  4. Cut into small pieces. After the right amount of watermelon flesh has been left and the peel has been cut from the peel, it should be cut into small pieces, which will provide convenience during the meal and prevent the rabbit from refusing to be treated.
  5. Lightly dry. This is necessary to remove excess liquid from the feed and ensure cleanliness during the meal.
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It is recommended to give the peel no more than once a week and carefully monitor the reaction of the animal. A large amount of this feed leads to clogging, bloating and indigestion.

What is the combination of watermelon peel feeding?

They can be given either fresh or dried. This is especially true in winter and spring, when it is impossible to keep them fresh, but in a dried one can lie down until the next watermelon crop.

It is good to alternate watermelon peel feeding with vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. They are also saturated with moisture and serve as a good basis for succulent feed for the rabbit diet.

The next day after eating watermelon or melon peels, rabbits should be given fodder beets or carrots. Due to the tendency of the crusts to litter the stomach of animals, they must be combined with coarse feed. The best representatives of which are hay, young stalks and grain.

Can Rabbits Watermelon Peel

They help to remove the remnants of undigested food from the body, thereby preventing many problems with the rabbit’s digestive system. The worrying factor is uneaten skin after feeding. In this case, they should be excluded for a while from the diet and given again after 2-3 weeks.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is the late varieties of watermelon that are least subjected to chemical treatment and bring the maximum benefit to animals. In addition, they are better stored, which allows as long as possible to provide the rabbits with a fresh delicacy.

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Because of its weakening properties, watermelon must be given to rabbits with extreme caution. Since the frequent cause of death of animals is just indigestion. Subject to the measures watermelon peel will be an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins.

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