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Rabbit Food

Can Rabbits Peas, Pods And Tops

Can Rabbits Peas, Pods And Tops

The owners of the kroleferm are interested in the question of whether peas can be rabbits. Many in the garden grow this crop, it can be a good help to farmers. From this article, readers will learn at what age it is allowed to introduce eared peas into the diet, can they be given tops and pods, how to feed animals with such food.

Feeding the rabbit with peas

Can I give green peas to rabbits?

Experienced farmers believe that it is necessary to introduce peas into the diet of rodents. The fruits of this culture are beneficial due to their composition. Green peas contains:

  • vegetable protein (6%);
  • B vitamins;
  • more than 20 minerals;
  • amino acids;
  • organic matter.

It is known that peas are often included in the compound feed for eared pets. However, its share there is small – about 5-8% of the total. That is, the fruits of legumes are a useful food supplement. Green peas allows you to vary the menu of pets, but can not be used as the basis of nutrition.

It is allowed to feed green peas rabbits from one month of age. For the first time, the product is introduced little by little, starting with several peas. During the introduction of complementary foods, it is important to assess the condition of the young. If after such a treat in children diarrhea occurs, it is better to exclude this product from the menu for now.

Important! Rabbits up to a month old pea is contraindicated.

Adults should receive green fruits of the legume culture in a small amount – about 8% of the total amount of food per day. They are recommended to be mixed with bran or mixed fodder. Pea pods are also offered to pets, only they are pre-dried, as is the grass. Eating peas in large quantities can cause bloating in the animal.

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Can I give peas tops to rabbits?

Pea tops eared pets eat with pleasure. It is included in the green fodder in the summer and harvested for the winter. It is more correct to feed the rabbits with tops, which were previously dried up on the air.

Rabbit peas

The above-ground part of the legume culture is suitable for eating the young, and it is also useful to give it to lactating rabbits to stimulate milk production and improve its composition. This feed has a high nutritional value and allows farmers to slightly reduce the cost of purchasing concentrates.

How to give dry peas?

Without pretreatment dry pea rabbit can not be given. In this form, it is difficult to digest. Farmers recommend first steaming the product with boiling water and letting it swell. This is done like this: dry peas poured into a bowl. It will take to boil twice the water than they took the legumes. Fill them with boiling water, add half a tablespoon of salt per liter of water, mix. Now it is important to wait until the peas swell and become softer.

In this form, it can be safely offered to pets. Farmers usually mix legumes with grated carrots, sugar beets, silage or bran. Due to the high protein content in this product, rabbits gain weight faster, but do not overfeed animals with beans, so as not to provoke a violation of the intestine.

Important! If there are beans in the diet of rabbits, including peas, it is necessary to ensure that there is always water in the drinking bowl.

Can Rabbits Peas, Pods And Tops

Peas can be given to rabbits, and not only fresh or dried fruits, but also pods and tops. When offering this food to pets, it is important to adhere to the norms of feeding. In the rabbit diet, the proportion of peas should be no more than 8% of the total diet. Small rabbits who have not reached the age of one month should not be given beans.

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