Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Can Rabbits Have Apples What Can And Can Not Be Given To Rabbits

Rabbits. it is not only tasty meat and valuable fur. All the owners of these furry animals, once stepping onto the path of rabbit breeding, become dependent on the need to breed them, feed them, and observe how they grow. But beginners breeders a lot of questions. And one of them: "Can I give apples to rabbits?" This article will give answers to questions and recommendations on feeding eared pets, which will help grow healthy livestock.

Can rabbits apples?

Today, these long-eared jumpers contain not only farmers. Decorative rabbits became pet animals. They are loved like kittens, cherished, raised, habituated to a tray, played with them.

Can Rabbits Have Apples What Can And Can Not Be Given To Rabbits

And, of course, the owners want to know how to make the right diet for pets. For example, can rabbits apples? The answer to this question will, of course, be positive. Almost all fruits grown in the middle lane are useful juicy rabbit food. By the way, very much these animals like soft cake, which remains when squeezing juice from fruit.

Are there any apples that can harm the rabbits?

Also, you can not feed the rabbits unripe fruit, as this will lead to problems with digestion. Cut apples into large chunks. Bones do not need to be removed, they are easily digested by the body.

However, you should not feed the rabbits exclusively with apples alone – everything needs to know the measure. It is necessary to alternate them with other types of food.

Do zucchini bunnies?

To balance the nutrition of animals, the owners try to give their pets a variety of food. And here the beginner krolikovodov again have questions.

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On whether the zucchini rabbits can be, there are disputes even among experienced farmers. Although it should be remembered that any vegetables eared beauties just needed. Only feed animals need fresh young squash, scrubbed and dried carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, pumpkin. But the potato is better not to give it too much starch.

You should not get involved in one type of vegetables, because the rabbit will not get the right set of vitamins and trace elements from just one product. It should be included in the diet of the animal and other seasonal fruits.

What should be fed rabbits?

Those who have just started keeping these animals will be helped by a few tips explaining what can be given to rabbits.

1. It must be remembered that rabbits for three months eat only hay and drink water.

2. Upon reaching domestic animals of three months of age you need to float dry balanced balanced food produced by special companies. Be sure to purchase required to study the components of the mixture. Many manufacturers make a product with the addition of chemistry, which is harmful for rabbits. Good food will have a lot of fiber and some protein.

Can Rabbits Have Apples What Can And Can Not Be Given To Rabbits

3. Hay should be in the cage of rabbits constantly and in unlimited quantities! It is not known a single case that the animal overeat them.

4. Adult rabbits need plant food. With the onset of spring, cares are added to their owners – it is necessary to collect fresh grass and branches as thick as a pencil in the yard, because you can give this type of feed to rabbits. Clover, burdock, alfalfa, dandelion, and shchiritsa are very well absorbed.

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5. Vegetables and fruits, cut into slices, should be the third part of the diet.

6. Compound feed, a mixture of uncleaned grain is 30% of the total feed.

What can not feed the rabbits?

I really do not want to hurt their pets. And so you need to know that you can not rabbits. In short, the list is as follows.

1. Almost all types of home plants are considered deadly to rabbits.

2. Salt, sugar, fats should not be present in foods fed to the rodent.

3. From wild grasses harmful are buttercups, lumbago, aconites, hellebore, meadow grassland, foxglove, celandine, hemlock, hemlock, marigold, larkspur, Datura, field mustard, wild radish, avran medicinal, calf marsh, cockle, henbane, raven eye , lily of the valley, burial ground, poppy, bowwood, chistek, marsh horsetail, ash tree.

4. In no case can not be fed pets boiled food that people eat. Even if the dish is made from vegetables. The exception is bread. It can be given in small quantities to rabbits. But before that, the pieces are dried in the open air, but not in the oven.

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