Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Can Rabbits Bread The Right Diet

The key to successful rabbit breeding is the proper preparation of their daily diet, because some products can cause them harm.

Can Rabbits Bread The Right Diet

Feeding rabbits

Many are interested in, is it possible to feed bread to rabbits? If you follow all the details of feeding, they will be pleased with the rapid growth and good fecundity.

Rabbit Feed Varieties

In the diet of the pet must include all types of feed.

Green food

It is the main food of rabbits from spring to autumn. This group includes various herbs and greens, cereals, beans, tree crown, tops of root crops. They are the source of many vitamins, minerals, easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates.

Most often, rabbits are given the following herbs:

Alfalfa is convenient to use for the preparation of feed mixtures, as it contains protein. Do not overfeed the animal with clover. In large quantities, it adversely affects their reproductive function.

Yarrow, wormwood and other aromatic herbs are considered the most beneficial for digestion. But they are not suitable for the diet of nursing rabbits. Milk will be bitter, and kids will give it up. Animals like the ears and leaves of corn. But you should not go over the top with it, it has a large amount of carbohydrates that contribute to the appearance of fermentation in the stomach. In the diet of the rabbit, you can add tops of various vegetable crops, except tomatoes.

Can Rabbits Bread The Right Diet

Rabbits eat corn

Vegetable greenery has a positive effect on the animal’s body: fennel, parsley, dill, horseradish, lettuce and celery. It is useful for nursing rabbits to give dill and parsley, as they contain a lot of calcium. With the beginning of spring, green food in the diet of the animal should be introduced gradually, in small portions.

Before serving, it must be mixed with another type of food, otherwise the rabbit will experience loose stools and upset stomach.


These are dried fodder, containing a large amount of fiber in the composition. These include hay, the crown of trees and shrubs, hay flour. They should be a quarter of the entire diet. Such food improves digestion, provides the rabbits with a feeling of satiety for a long time and helps them to sharpen the incisors.

The most useful meadow and steppe hay, as there grows a large number of medicinal plants. Its preparation begins before flowering grass. It is dried and stored in a well-ventilated area. If done correctly, the hay will have a green color and a fragrant aroma. It is given to rabbits in the winter time.

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In the diet of the animal must necessarily include the branches of trees and shrubs, some of them have healing properties. You can feed your pet shoots of maple, linden, mountain ash, apple, aspen, poplar, alder, oak, willow and raspberry. For harvesting choose young shoots with leaves, bind and dry in a well-ventilated place. They are cooked in summer and offered to rabbits in winter. They are also given coniferous branches, but they need to be included in the menu gradually.

Branches of trees and shrubs improve digestion.

Succulent feed

Juicy food consists of 70-80% of water, the rest – carbohydrates, fiber, vegetable fats and various vitamins. They improve the performance of the digestive tract, increase the quantity and quality of milk in lactating females. Juicy feed include root vegetables, vegetables, silage.

Can Rabbits Bread The Right Diet

Squashes and pumpkins

The most common are:

  • Carrot. It contains carotene and a large amount of vitamin A. Animals give it entirely or cut into pieces. It helps to increase appetite.
  • Potatoes. Differs in high nutritional value. In its composition, it has starch, which improves digestion. Rabbits are usually offered mashed boiled potatoes, before it is washed. Raw vegetable and its cleaning give rarely and in small portions.
  • Squash Favorable assimilation of other feed, therefore it is used for the manufacture of silage.
  • Pumpkin. Contains many vitamins and carotene. Helps the stomach work and improves the quality of wool. Animals fed raw or boiled vegetable, which is mashed. Pumpkin seeds can serve as anthelmintic.
  • Cabbage. Improves the quality of the rabbit’s hair, as it contains many trace elements and vitamins. But it can cause increased gas formation and upset stomach. It should be included in the menu carefully and in small portions. All types of cabbage, raw or boiled, are suitable.
  • Beet. It improves metabolism, regulates the composition of the blood and increases the body’s resistance to diseases. Rabbits can sometimes be given to their tops, and it is better to refuse beetroot. In large quantities can cause indigestion.
  • Silage. Increases the amount of milk in lactating rabbits.
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Also in the diet you can add melon, watermelon, turnip, radish. But they contain a large amount of water, and their nutritional value is low.

Concentrated feed

These include cereals (wheat, oats, barley, maize), waste (zhomy, bran, cake), legumes (soybean, lentils, peas) and feed. They are high-calorie, rich in protein and various trace elements. Such food has a beneficial effect on the growth and development of the animal.

The most common concentrated feed:

  • Oats It normalizes the bowels. Offer animals in whole and crushed form.
  • Barley. It is nourishing and high-calorie, so it is given to young rabbits for fattening. Before serving crushed or flattened.
  • Corn. Useful and nutritious product. Before feeding, it is soaked and crushed. You can give the rabbits in the form of porridge or mixed with other feed.
  • Wheat. Rich in phosphorus. Pre-soaked, mixed with other types of food and give the rabbit.
  • Feed – one of the most popular feed. He is loose and in the form of granules, which add vitamins or drugs.
  • Meal and cake. Contain a large amount of iron and phosphorus. Before feeding, waste is steamed and mixed with boiled potatoes.

Concentrated feed should be about 30% of the diet of the animal. You can not give the rabbits spoiled food, which appeared mold or rot.

What not to give the rabbit

It is necessary to know not only what can be given to rabbits, but also what cannot be fed to him. Some foods can adversely affect the health of the animal, as it has a weak stomach.

Feed to be treated with caution:

  • Poisonous plants. Rabbits should not be given buttercup, tansy, euphorbia, bindweed, Datura, celandine and other dangerous herbs. You need to carefully touch it, otherwise the rabbit can get sick and even die. It is not recommended to give the animal plants collected near the road.
  • Vegetables. In large quantities, they can cause upset the digestive tract. It is forbidden to feed onions to rabbits onions, green potatoes, red beet, red cabbage, cucumbers, eggplants and radishes.
    Fruits. Animals should not be given exotic fruits, such as figs, mangoes, oranges, avocados.
  • Legumes Some of them cause increased flatulence and pain in the intestines. You can not offer animals black and red beans, their husks, pea and green peas.
  • Milk products. Lactose is not processed in the rabbit.
    Baking, chocolate and various sweets. They are very harmful to the animal, as they contain sugar, flavor enhancers, yeast and fats.
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If you give a rabbit prohibited and unwanted food, it can get sick and die.

The benefits and harm of bread in the diet of the rabbit

Fresh pastries can not be fed to rabbits, it is poorly digested. It is also undesirable to offer rye and black bread to pets. They promote fermentation in the stomach and stagnation.

Can Rabbits Bread The Right Diet

Crackers for rabbits

Is it possible to give bread bunnies to rabbits? Rabbits can sometimes indulge in bread, but it must be dried or stale. Crackers should be offered in small portions, as the stomach of the animal is not able to immediately digest a large amount of food.

Bread is rich in carbohydrates, so it is indispensable in the diet of rabbits, which are bred for meat and high-quality fur. And it is better not to fatten ornamental animals. They can sometimes be offered small pieces of crackers for promotion during dog training.

To prepare the bread for the rabbit, it must be cut into cubes with a side of 1 cm and dried in the oven. You can not sprinkle it with spices, salt and sugar. Before serving, the little rabbits can be soaked in milk to make it softer.

Bread crumbs and food residues should not accumulate at the bottom of the cage. They may mold. And this bread can cause upset the digestive tract. For prevention, you can rub garlic crackers and regularly wash the cage with special means. Baking has the ability to swell in the stomach, so the rabbit needs plenty of drink. There should always be clean drinking water nearby.

Breadcrumbs should not make up the basic diet, it can only be given as a treat. In this case, it will not harm the rabbit.

For a rabbit to be healthy, its diet must consist of green fodder, cereals and vegetables. It must be diverse, include the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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