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Can Rabbits Be Given Tops From Radishes

Rabbits are often kept in the household. Some do it for rabbit, others appreciate their wool, others like rabbits as decorative animals. For productivity and health, it is important to control their diet. Often there are questions about the usefulness of radishes or its tops. The article will consider in more detail the question of whether rabbits can be given tops from radishes.

Can rabbits have radish tops

In the wild, rabbits feed on greens using various annual and perennial grasses. When they are kept at home, they should also have a large amount of greenery in their diet. Only under this condition will they receive enough vitamins for health.

It is not recommended to give freshly picked plants.

Selecting fresh greens for their nutrition, it is not recommended to give them freshly picked plants. It is better to keep them for at least 24 hours before eating.

They actively eat a variety of plants:

Note! For the winter, it is customary to cook greens, which, for preservation, must be crushed and preserved.

Among other types of greens, rabbits can eat radishes and their tops.

Benefit and harm

This plant is rich in nutrients and vitamins. If it is eaten in moderation, it can guarantee that no harmful effects will occur to the rabbit.

Radish has in its composition the following nutrients:

  • vitamins PP and K;
  • folic acid;
  • pyridoxine;
  • thiamine;
  • vitamin C.

Note! Folic acid is a substance that is especially useful for pregnant rabbits.

The fact is that this substance is extremely useful for the development of the embryo. Ascorbic acid has properties that enhance the immunity of these animals. Pyridoxine and thiamine have an important effect on the proper functioning of the digestive and nervous systems.

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In this product there are not only vitamins, but also nutrients and minerals. These include phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, and others. Good nutrition not only positively affects the health of the fluffies, but also makes them more productive, improves the taste of meat, makes their wool more beautiful.

Despite the presence of nutrients in the composition, this plant contains an essential oil, giving root bitterness. In addition, it can in some cases cause indigestion.

Silage can be made from such greenery in order to feed animals during the winter period. The silo is made by preparing it from several components. To do this, you must do the following:

The presence of nutrients in the composition

Can Rabbits Be Given Tops From Radishes
  1. You will need to mix the greens of various plants. Among them, you can take not only radish tops, but also carrots. There are added stalks of Jerusalem artichoke, corn and sunflower, as well as cabbage leaf.
  2. Everything that has been prepared, it is necessary to grind carefully. It is necessary to cut very finely and fill the jars with a mixture so that the mold cannot flourish.
  3. Next you need to leave the cooked mixture for a while. As a result of fermentation processes, this compound is enriched with lactic acid.

The resulting silage mass will be a valuable product for feeding domestic fluffs.

Note! It is important to use fresh food for animals. If the radish was withered or spoiled, do not include it in the diet for rabbits. Not in this way to find out whether the rabbits eat radishes.

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From what age can

If the crawl has not yet reached the age of thirty days, then it is undesirable to feed it with radishes or greens, which includes its tops.

Important! It is believed that the smallest rabbit give radish and tops from it is not worth it. Their stomach at this time is not yet able to absorb them sufficiently.

Starting at the age of thirty days, animals can begin to give radish fruit. In this case, the answer to the question of whether a radish can be a rabbit is positive. At the same time it is necessary to grind it thoroughly. Thus processed radish they can be given up to three months of age. Rabbits older than two or three months are allowed to give radishes without restrictions.

The product should be thoroughly washed before adding to rabbit food. In this case, animals are better to give radish in a chopped form.

The tops can be given to these animals at almost any age. For the smallest rabbits, it is desirable to include it in a limited quantity in the diet

Note! It is best to give the tops, from the age of one and a half months. In this case, you need to monitor how well the fluffies tolerate this product.

How many radishes and tops can be

It is advisable to take the tops from your site or from familiar people

Otherwise, in some situations the rabbit may die. If the radish was grown on its own summer cottage, then the tops of the tops can be given without restrictions.

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To give a radish to a small pet who just turned two or three months old, you need to limit the portion to eighty grams.

Important! You need to check the rabbit chair. If it is not solid, but liquid, then this is an alarming sign. In this situation, it is not recommended to continue to include radishes in the diet of this animal.

If we talk about radish tops, it can usually be given without restrictions. However, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions:

  1. It is advisable to take the tops from your site or from familiar people. This is due to the fact that when growing chemicals are often used to feed the plant and fight against diseases and harmful insects. The presence of these substances in the leaves can be dangerous not only for the health, but also for the life of the rabbit.
  2. Freshly picked greens are not recommended immediately poured into the trough. It is necessary to hold it for a certain time. It should not be less than four hours, it is better if it is done during the day.
  3. Immediately after harvesting, the tops are thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust.

Considering the question of whether a dwarf rabbit can get radish with tops, you need to answer it in the affirmative. It is possible to the same extent as other types of Fuzzies.

Note! Feed the rabbits with radishes and their tops can be. However, do not give such food too little rabbits. Feeding these products should be in accordance with the rules outlined.

Can Rabbits Be Given Tops From Radishes

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