Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food

Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots

Even small children know that hares are very fond of carrots. Similar habits are experienced by the closest hare relatives – rabbits.

However, these gentle creatures in this matter as well as possible confirm the old truth that everything is good in moderation. More on this contradiction and will be discussed further.

Can rabbits give carrots

Experts say that giving carrots to rabbits is not only possible but necessary.

This vegetable is rich in:

  • fiber;
  • fatty acids;
  • vitamins A, C, D, K;
  • carotene;
  • trace elements in the form of iodine, potassium and phosphorus.
Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots

Thanks to this carrot has a beneficial effect on the rabbit body:

  1. Increases the appetite of animals.
  2. Stimulates the digestive process.
  3. It activates the formation of milk in lactating females.
  4. Strengthens the immune system of rabbits.
  5. Improves acid-base balance in the body of the animal.
  6. With vegetable oils, it has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the rabbit body.


Rabbits are given fresh carrots in several forms:

  • fodder;
  • dining room;
  • tops.
Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots

All this carrot food is eaten by animals with the same appetite, although its different types have a slightly different effect on their body:

  1. Fodder carrots have less sugar and carotene, it can be eaten by rabbits in larger quantities and costs less.
  2. The table type of this vegetable is more saturated with sugar and beta-carate. But with all its ability to saturate the rabbit’s body with energy, vitamins, microelements and vegetable fats, this type of carrot can be harmful to the gastrointestinal tract if it is consumed excessively by animals.
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In this sense, carrot tops play a very useful role, which not only restores the impaired functions of the digestive organs, but also itself is a storehouse of nutrients. In this case, tops of carrots with the same appetite are eaten by rabbits in both fresh and dried forms.

Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots


Quite popular and harvesting carrots for the winter in a fermented form. To do this, carefully washed vegetables lay in a container and pour them with 5% saline solution. In this form, the carrot retains all its useful and nutritional properties throughout the year.

Also, carrots can be stored as an important ingredient in the combined silage mass.

Feeding rules

Since carrots are an extremely useful vegetable for the normal development of rabbits, which, however, overdose can cause problems, there are proven rules for decades feeding them to these animals.

From what age can

This vegetable is recommended to give the rabbit no earlier than they reach one and a half to two months of age.

How to give

Rabbit carrots give in a crushed form and in very limited quantities, gradually increasing its share in mixtures of succulent fodder.

Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots

Adults are recommended to give no more than two hundred grams of carrots daily. As they are fed rabbits, as a rule, twice a day, this amount is divided into two doses and served as part of another feed.

Contraindications and harm

Some rabbits have allergic reactions to carrot food, which should be excluded from their diet.

However, the vast majority of these animals carrot is extremely useful, unless you exceed reasonable standards. Otherwise, as already mentioned, the gastrointestinal tract of animals can be seriously damaged.

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In addition, excessive consumption of this vegetable can cause hypervitaminosis in animals, which can even lead to hair loss.

Can Rabbits Be Fresh And Pickled Carrots

What else can feed the rabbits

In addition to carrots, as a succulent feed animals give vegetables as:

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