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Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Almost all processes in the body of rabbits depend on a proper and balanced diet. It is important to feed only healthy food without chemicals. Some foods are harmful to animals. Today we will talk about whether it is possible to give potatoes, in what form and how much.

Potato food in a rabbit diet

Opinions about feeding rabbits with potatoes are different. But the vast majority includes it in the diet. It contains vitamins C, A, K and group B. The vegetable is rich in trace elements and minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium and cobalt. In addition, it contains: copper, manganese, iodine, selenium, boron, fluorine and other elements.

Most of it is starch, which is the main nutrient. That’s just when the sedentary way of life easily turns into fat. For this reason, the rabbit should be given the product with extreme caution. Especially dangerous for decorative rocks. Breeding animals can also be harmed because a large amount of starch leads to obesity and related diseases.

Feeding and suckling females can be given boiled potatoes. It significantly increases lactation and the amount of milk. Especially useful for large offspring.

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Why is probable obesity so harmful ?! Rabbits for slaughter will not suffer much, but individuals responsible for reproductive function may partially or completely lose the ability to reproduce. The female becomes difficult to impregnate, and the male does not want to perform his duties. When both obesity occurs, breeding may become impossible.

It is very important to combine potatoes with other products. Although it is included in the diet, it is not able to replace other products, because it contains very little protein and inorganic salts.

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You can start feeding the rabbits with potatoes starting from the age of 4 months. First, add a very small dose, literally a piece and cooked. Over time, you can gradually increase the dose. Monthly norms for adults:

  • For female: 3 kg.
  • For the male 3–3.3 kg.

Raw Potatoes

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Rabbits can be given raw potatoes, but there are some caveats. Despite the large number of nutrients and vitamins, the starch of raw tubers is very poorly digested. Animals understand this and do not eat them in the wild. Before offering the animal a vegetable, cut it into several smaller parts. Remember a few important rules:

  1. Before feeding rabbits with potatoes, it must be thoroughly washed from the ground and dirt.
  2. Start feeding potatoes should be carefully, with a small dose. If you feel worse, do not include it in the diet.
  3. Green tubers contain solanine that can cause severe poisoning and kill the animal.
  4. Immature rotten foods are harmful to health.
  5. Little rabbits can be offered potatoes only after 4 months of life.
  6. Potato feed harms breeding males, they gradually lose their ability to multiply.

Potato peelings

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Rabbits can be given potato peels and bran in small amounts, provided that the product is clean and not spoiled. Make sure that the skin is not green, otherwise it can seriously damage the pet’s health. Never peel young potatoes.

Before feeding, it is desirable to thoroughly boil cleaning. Some rabbit growers are dried and ground into flour, and then added to various mixtures and feed.

Boiled potatoes

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are better absorbed by the body. It is recommended feeding in this form. In this case, cut the sprouts with tubers.

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It is very useful to make special mash. You can only give them fresh, 250 grams per individual is enough. The temperature should be room temperature. Two popular recipes for cooked potatoes for rabbits:

  • Steamed grain (corn, barley, oats) 35%, boiled peas 5-10%, cabbage 5%, boiled potatoes 50%.
  • Cabbage 5%, steamed feed 45%, boiled potatoes 50%.
  • You can make according to other recipes or invent them yourself.

The composition of the mash can vary depending on the purpose. Parsley is added to the sucker rabbit. After the rabbits are deposited, it is replaced with dill.

The rate for an adult varies with activity. Rabbits walking freely in a certain area may consume more. Due to mobility, obesity does not occur and you can safely give 100 grams of potatoes per day. Closed in a cage, animals can be offered 50-60 grams.

Potato tops

Can I Feed Rabbits Raw And Boiled Potatoes

Feeding rabbits with potato tops can end badly. It absorbs the greatest amount of chemistry and other harmful substances. It is not necessary to feed this dish. Some farmers specially harvest the tops for the winter, but this is not recommended.

Thus, rabbits can be given potatoes raw and cooked. For meat breeds, give more, it helps to accelerate the mass gain. Down, decorative and tribal rabbits can consume a smaller amount and with extreme caution.

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