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Can I Add Potatoes To The Diet Of Farmer Rabbits

Each rabbit breeder sooner or later wonders if it is possible to give raw potatoes to rabbits? Root vegetables and vegetables make up half the daily diet of fluffies, especially during the summer season. Is it possible to feed rabbits raw potatoes or boiled roots?

Can I Add Potatoes To The Diet Of Farmer Rabbits

Can I rabbit potatoes

Any natural complementary food should be given special attention, because the digestive system in rabbits is extremely weak. What potatoes are allowed to add to the diet fluffy animals?


The feeding of fluffies is carried out up to 4 times a day, and the change of water is carried out up to 6. The health of pets depends on the quality of food. How to feed furry animals is allowed, and what is not? To cook rabbits only dry mixtures is harmful. Let this kind of food be rich in nutrients, it’s impossible to organize a diet without greens.

Rules for introducing potatoes into the diet

Can I feed rabbits potatoes? Opinion even experienced rabbit breeders about potatoes as a valuable supplement diverge. Some farmers argue that adding a root vegetable is not just allowed, but even necessary for a variety of diets. Other people involved in the eared divorce, against the fact that potatoes often fall into the feeder Fuzzy. Can I give the rabbit boiled potatoes?

Potatoes are a useful root crop, the cultivation of which is not difficult for the farmer. Feeding potatoes is a cheap alternative for rabbit breeders. For the collection and cleaning of vegetables or waste, it is easiest to use special crushers or to cut potatoes manually.

Types of potato additives:

  • raw root vegetable;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • combined mash.
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It is permissible to feed potatoes with rabbits at least 2 times a week. But before that you should observe how the root crop affects the animal.

How to give potatoes to animals? Raw or thermally processed potatoes must be selected and properly processed. For cleaning, only the whole root crop not damaged by pests is sorted.

Can I Add Potatoes To The Diet Of Farmer Rabbits

Potatoes should be whole

First of all, the root crop is cleared of eyes and skins. No peel on potatoes should remain. Without processing, neither raw nor boiled root crop is given. The water in which the tubers were boiled must be drained; in no case should it be added to the feeders. Used peel from potatoes only light shades. The green and blue rind contains a lot of poisonous substance that will cause fluffy poisoning. The healthy root vegetable contains vitamins of group B, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, therefore you should not refuse such an additive either.

How can I feed farm rabbits potatoes without harm to domesticated pets? Cooked on the water and raw potatoes are given to adult rabbits, which are strong and grown. Potatoes are used for medicinal purposes when liquid stools appear in animals. Emergency measure is not a treatment, but can save the life of rabbits.

Reasons for limiting use

Feed the rabbits with potatoes should only be in cases where their diet is painted and planned out. A balanced diet for cleaning the body of fluffy animals will help get rid of weakness and strengthen the immunity of each rabbit. Is it possible to feed raw potato rabbits immediately after the jigging?

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Rabbits up to 2 months of life do not feed the fodder with potatoes. Nutrition with a constant addition of root vegetables is dangerous for animals. Reasons for not rushing to add potatoes to pets in unlimited quantities:

  1. The substances contained in it. Solanine is poisonous to rabbits and can kill young stock. Potatoes can be added to the feeder only in peeled form.
  2. Sharp diet change is fraught with serious consequences for the body of the rabbit. It is impossible to feed large quantities of raw or boiled potatoes: the rabbit may experience individual intolerance to the substances contained in the tubers, therefore the supplements should be introduced gradually, watching the eared reaction to changes in the diet.
  3. Any negative reactions in the body of animals to a new food – a significant reason for refusing the potato additive. Rabbits can not be given to the tops or boiled tubers, which cause diarrhea or weakness. It is better to pick up another useful vegetable food.

It is important to pay attention not only to the quantity of the product, but also to the quality. To give waste whimsical in food eared unprofitable. Boiled or raw grated potatoes are fed as a staple for diarrhea.

Potato lure krol better learns in the fall and winter, but in the summer from such an additive must be abandoned. Greens or spruce feed will help feed the animals.

Potato mash

Can rabbit potato mash? The remnants of vegetables and potatoes mixed into the common meat can replace a complete dry food. In this mix contains all the necessary vitamins and mineral complexes that provide animal growth. The type and composition of the mix can vary depending on the capabilities of the farmer and the benefits with which wet food replaces dry mixes. For feeding young cattle with mash it is not worth hurrying. It is more profitable to dilute the nutrient mixture of herbs and grass.

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Potato tops

Can rabbits have potato tops? Root and green juicy tops are especially appreciated during the fattening of rabbits. Starch, which is found in potatoes, helps in weight gain. The animal body is so arranged that in favorable conditions, when a lot of food and clean water, the pet quickly gains weight. By adding roots, the farmer not only saves on feed, but also ensures the rapid growth of rabbits.

Can I Add Potatoes To The Diet Of Farmer Rabbits

Potato helps rabbits gain weight

Up to 4 months of life, even giving a boiled root vegetable is not worth it.

Is it possible to give rabbits boiled potatoes to a pregnant rabbit? Introducing a special diet for the female is the primary task of the rabbit breeder. Add rabbit potato mash is allowed only in a small amount. The little animal that overeats potato feed can get sick. An excessive amount of starch leads to blockage of the milk ducts.

Rules of use

The norm for eating root vegetables for an adult healthy animal is not more than 10% of the total rabbit daily ration. During the year, the male can consume no more than 40 kg of tubers. In a boiled product, the indicators for the substances contained are lower, therefore masses with boiled potatoes can be given in large quantities.

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