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Rabbit Food

Can I Add Horseradish Leaves In The Diet Of Rabbits

Breeding pets has long been a major hobby for many people. And the majority master this uneasy business not only as a hobby, but also as a business that brings a steady income. Breeding rabbits is quite a profitable hobby, since you can earn money by selling meat and fur.

Rabbits as a pet are the least whimsical, which greatly facilitates the life of the owners of this animal. The rabbit does not need any special diet. For him, the main food is grass and cereals. In this case, the owners still have to pay close attention to the contents of the feeders of their animals

In order to raise a rabbit with a luxurious fur coat and tasty meat, you should remember an important rule: you cannot achieve the expected results without green food.

Since for many, a plant such as horseradish grows in the garden, the question arises: "Is it possible to give horseradish leaves to rabbits?"

How to give: dried or raw, feeding rules

Horseradish is a very useful culture containing large amounts of vitamins. Rabbits allowed to use this plant. But it should be borne in mind that small animals are too sensitive to the specific taste of horseradish leaves, so in its pure form, it is better not to give it. You should also monitor the amount of horseradish consumed by animals, it should be limited.

Horseradish leaves are especially valuable because they contain biologically active components, and many useful microelements, including ascorbic acid and vitamin C. This horseradish vitamin is almost the same as in lemon. It should also be noted that the leaves of this root are rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins that play an important role in the development of the body of a young animal.

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Adding horseradish leaves to the base mix would be ideal. Usually this mix includes nettles and tops of various vegetables.

Dried leaves of a root crop use as an additive during the winter period. Rabbits most of all need additional vitamins in the winter, and this supplement will be a source of missing elements.

Experienced breeders do not recommend feeding rabbits with fresh horseradish leaves. Most likely, the animal itself will not consume them in large quantities, this is possible only under the conditions that there is no other food at all.

It is not recommended to conduct such experiments, because of the similar food, animals can get an upset stomach, which often leads to lethal consequences.

Like any other food, horseradish leaves, before feeding, you must rinse thoroughly. Before you give a green food to a furry animal, you must carefully examine the plant and make sure that there is no mold or rot.

In order to dry the leaves of horseradish must adhere to the following simple rules:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to break the leaves without damaging their structure, then wash them well and remove the petiole, then hang them in order for excess moisture to leave them.
  2. After you need to cut the leaves into small pieces.
  3. We spread the whole pieces of horseradish on paper or parchment and leave in a dry dark place.
  4. You can not spread the leaves of horseradish on the newspaper, this rule applies to the leaves of other plants. This is forbidden due to the fact that the plant retains moisture, due to which absorption of typographical paint can occur, which can greatly affect the health of rabbits.
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In feeding rabbits, there are several specific rules that, ignoring which you can easily kill the animals, causing poisoning, indigestion and bloating in them.

To avoid problems with digestion, before feeding it is necessary to dry the greens in the shade for about 5 hours.

Can I Add Horseradish Leaves In The Diet Of Rabbits

It is strictly forbidden to feed rabbits with undisturbed greens (with dew).

  • Rabbits should not be given to the tops in large quantities. Also before feeding it is necessary to sprinkle this type of feed, crushed with chalk.
  • You can not feed the rabbits the same grass all the time. The diet of animals should be varied.
  • You can not feed the rabbits with herbs, with the exception of a few.
  • As a green forage, the most useful herbs are wild. The bouquet should be varied. First of all it is necessary to stock up on hay, therefore, harvesting the grass in the summer it is necessary to dry part of it for the winter. As a blank, clover and wormwood are perfect.

    Drying of any herbs is best carried out in shaded areas, as exposure to the sun’s rays deprives the grass of its nutritional properties.

    Can be harvested nettles. It can be dried by hanging in bunches and in finely chopped form; it is best to store dried nettles in bags. Such a billet is good as an additive to the feed and concentrates. It is necessary to store all preparations for the winter in a cellar.

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